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Title: What constitutes an existential report ...
Existential report: interview with Dr. Mira y Lopez
This interview appeared as a preface to an article on children's education in “Our Children”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, possibly in the late “50's, by which time the scientist was living in Brazil.
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Title: Bodily correlates of human mental activity. Thesis presented for the degree of
Doctor of Medicine.

Author: Emilio Mira y López
Publisher: Barcelona. 1923.
Description: 29 pages.
Presented thesis the 1 of April of 1922 in the University of Madrid, where it unanimously obtained Excellent note of the Court, and in 1923 obtained the Extraordinary Prize of Doctorate.
Prologue: Emilio García, Fania Herrero y Helio Carpintero. La tesis doctoral de Emilio Mira y López: "Las correlaciones somáticas del trabajo mental (1922)". Revista de Historia de la Psicología 1993; 14 (3-4): 139-152.
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    Title: Psychiatry in war.
    Author: Emilio Mira y López
    Publisher: Editorial Norton, N.Y., 1943.
    Description: 238 pages.
    Appendix, Bibliography.

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    Title: The role of  social conditions into the genesis of mental disturbances
    (Le rôle des conditions sociales dans la genèse des troubles mentaux)
    Author: Dr. Emilio Mira y López
    Note: Report presented at the II Congress of Mental Hygiene that took place in Paris, 1937.
    Published into the Proceedings of the refered Congress, Paris, 1937 
    (Comptes rendus, t. I, p.405-420 , Impr. A. Coueslant)
    Language: French
    Includes: Summary and disscusion of the report.
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